Felix Mater Society

Independent Film Production


We believe that every artist deserves to be recognized. We try our best that supported film projects find their audiance. We use Social Media channels to promote film projects. We use as well our growing contacts to the film industry. We help with festivals and try to place films on festivals that brings best values for the film. We like to present our supported films on big screens!​


We consult filmmakers from the first idea of the film to the pre-production, the shooting, the post-production and further to the festival circus and the realease of the film. In all the phases we bring in our experience of working on over 30 film projects until today. 
Felix Mater Society is acting as Agent for IMDb. We help to get film projects on the largest film database.


We help and support filmmakers in their descistions of film funding. We support and consult on crowdfunding campaigns or how to contact investors. We see filmmaking as art and as business. We love projects that are edgy and unique. An artistic idea should have a realistic chance to be made and the idea should not be compromized just because of missing funding.​

Current Projects

Black Sunflowers

Shortfilm, UK, 2023


Shortfilm, UK, 2023


Shortfilm, UK, 2023


The Grim Truth

Shortfilm, UK, 2020

Fresh Cola

Shortfilm, USA, 2021

A Few Miles South

Shortfilm, UK, 2021

Mars Falling

Shortfilm, UK, 2022

Roop Aroop

Shortfilm, Pakistan (2021)


Shortfilm, UK, 2021

Boy in the Corner

Feature, UK, 2022

I Love You, Guys

Shortfilm, UK, 2023

Last First

Shortfilm, UK, 2021

Bitter Sky

Shortfilm, UK, 2019

Alfie, the Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe

Documentary, UK, 2022


Shortfilm, Germany, 2020

Bus Stop

Shortfilm, UK, 2019


Shortfilm, UK, 2019

Let's Talk about Porn

Short Doc, UK, 2019


Shortfilm, UK, 2018

Timeout - You can Trust a Stranger

Shortfilm, Germany, 2018

Les Ingrédients qui font le Monde

Short Doc, Morocco, 2017


Shortfilm, UK, 2018


Shortfilm. UK, 2018

Rêve de Fer

Shortfilm, France, 2018


Shortfilm, UK, 2018

Name Escapes Me

Shortfilm, UK/USA, 2018

The Wake

Shortfilm, Ireland, 2017


Shortfilm, UK, 2017

A Thought of Ecstasy

Feature, Germany, 2017


Shortfilm, UK, 2017

To the Bone

Shortfilm, UK, 2017

Bahama Sunrise

Feature, Switzerland, 2017

Eat Your Principle

Shortfilm, UK, 2016

Earth 2.0

Shortfilm, UK, 2016

Meat on Bones

Shortfilm, UK, 2016


Shortfilm, UK, 2016


Shortfilm, Austria, 2016


Shortfilm, UK, 2016

The Truants

Shortfilm, UK, 2016

The Tutor

Feature, Argentina, 2016

The Pigman

Schortfilm, Ireland/UK, 2015


Shortfilm, UK, 2015

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