Rêve de Fer

Shortfilm, 15 Minutes, France (2018)

France, 1794. When a man comes across a mysterious Asian woman sitting on a bench in a beautiful park, he is about to discover that harrasment comes with a price.

Rêve de Fer - 2018
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Director: David Fakrikian
Writer: David Fakrikian

Yubai Zhang (Marianne)
Alexandre Brasseur (Daniel)
Jonathan Henry (Les Gardes du Corps)
Christophe Picot (Les Gardes du Corps)
Williams Bizineche (Les Gardes du Corps)

Music: Jérôme Sauleau
Cinematographer: Prune Brenguier
Makeup Artist: Julie Hughes
1st Assistant Director: Jérémie Damoiseau
2nd Assistant Director: Delphine Marie
Sound Recordist: Vincent Da Silva
Visual Effects: David Fakrikian
Stunts: Williams Bizineche, Jonathan Henry, Christophe Picot
Stunt Double: Hélène Tran
Action Coordinator: Emmanuel Lanzi
Director of Photography: Laurent Chartier
Still Photographer: Daniel Rous
Production Assistant: Guillaume Larbi

Producer: David Fakrikian
Producers( Glady Glover Films): Sonia Buchman, Nicolas De La Mothe
Associate Producers: Jean-Marc Barbeaud, Xavier Fournier, Michael Goossens, Cedric Neil Milton, Yubai Zhang
Executive Producers: Elsa Esculier, Daniel Rous
Production Companies: Seventeen Films
In Association with: Plume Blanche Films, Gladys Glover Films, Felix Mater Society

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