Bitter Sky

Shortfilm, 16 Minutes, UK (2019)

Bitter Sky follows the story of a troubled, tough but incredibly bright 15 year old girl called Nia, who’s living estranged from her mother with her adopted father Roy in the barren and wild landscape of Mid Wales. On this coming-of-age journey, she befriends local boy Aron as they fix up a broken down car that Nia has found in the woods. She must build unlikely friendships and face her demons in order to break away from the coercive control of her guardian.

Director: Joseph Ollman
Writers: Joseph Ollman, Christopher Spurdens

Darci Shaw (Nia)
Rowan Jones (Aron)
Richard Harrington (Roy)
Laura Dos Santos (Nia’s Mum)

Music: Chris Hyson
Cinematography: Christopher Spurdens
Edit: Phil Currie
Production Design: Gwyn Eiddior
Stand by art director: Stephen Madoc Pierce
Re-recording: Rob Price
Lightning Technican: Alex Cullen
Casting: Sarah Wilson

Producer: Kristina Epenetos
Executive Producers: Harley Hessel, Peter Lee Scott, Felix Mater Society, Alice Whittemore
Production companies: Odelay Films, Ffilm Cymru Wales, BBC Wales, BFI NETWORK

Bitter Sky - 2019
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