Shortfilm, UK (2018)

A man must overcome a formative childhood memory or risk repeating mistakes of the past.

Jimmy - 2018
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This film is currently not available.

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Director: Christian Sørup Jensen
Writers: Simon Deeley, Karen Simon, Christian Sørup Jensen

Samuel Traviss (Jimmy)
Al Gregg (Jared)
Simon Pothecary (James)
Alfie Cooper (Alex)

Music: Giuseppe Alfano
Cinematography: Tiago Melo
Editor: Michele Vicenti
Assistant Editor: Megan Blackwell
Colorist: Michele Vicenti
Production Design: Karen Simon, Mikolaj Wasowski
Makeup Artist: Liberty Callaway
1st Assistant Director: Carlotta Beck Peccoz
Storyboard Artist: Seif El Kashef
Sound Recordist: Andrea Calaprice
Sound Designer: Kostas Mastorakis
Foley Artist: Julia Zweygarth
2nd Assist Camera: Lea Aubigne
Lightning Technician: Andrei Lionachescu
1st Assistant Camera: Cristina Lozano
Gaffer: Elena Nassati
Still Photographer: Philip Pfeiffer
Unit Videographer: David Traub
Casting: Emil Petersen
Location Manager: Emil Petersen
Script Supervisor: Elin Martinsen
Runner: Seif El Kashef
Marketing/Production Coordinator: Maria Maida

Producer: Karen Simon
Associate Producers: Jakob Koch, Julie Sørup Koch, Andy Levada, Felix Mater Society
Executive Producers: Svend-Erik Jensen, Karen Simon, Anette Sørup

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