Fresh Cola

Shortfilm, 11 Minutes, USA (2021)

A new soda has hit the market called “Fresh Cola,” a purple fizzy drink that gives you a boost that’s out of this world! 

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Director: Gino Alfonso
Writers: Gino Alfonso, Randall Rydell Russell

Jettzen Shea (Jake)
Dorian Porter (Katie)
Talisa Gamboa (Mia)
Jesse De Leon (Chris)
Caiden Almeyda (Trend)
Ethan Fletcher Daly (Commercial Kid)
Katie Ann Wolfis (Mom)
Justin M. Pidcock (Dad)
Ryan Mercury (Curtis)

Music Composer: Andrew Kopacz
Cinematography: Kenneth Hendricks
Editor: Jacob J. Christiansen
Makeup Artist: Kami Williams
Boom Operator / Sound Mixer: Jacob J. Christiansen
Special Effects Makeup: Kami Williams
Stunt Coordinator: Ed Portoghese
Gaffer: Bryna Vogel
Production Assistant: Tamir Nemekhbayar
Special Thanks: Delilah Hefner, Daryl Hrdlicka, Paul Nelson, Johnny Perotti, Morgan Welborn, Alan Welker

Producer: Gino Alfonso
Executive Producers: Jeffrey Sung-Pil Choe, Jacob J. Christiansen, Titan Frey, Daryl Hrdlicka, Cooper McKenzie, Robert B. Oliver, Lisa Smith, Felix Mater Society, Ted Stump
Production Company: Ginome Films
Distribution: Ginome Films (2021) (World-wide) (video)

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