About Us

The Felix Mater Society is an initiative to support independent filmmakers. 

Who are we?

Felix Mater Society is the name of the independent film initiative. Behind the brand Felix Mater Society stands Gian Keller who has created and is running the project.

« I believe in power of art. I want to bring art to the world that is different from mainstream.
An artist should have the freedom to show his artwork in the best way without compromising the work for commercial reasons.

Gian Keller

What are we doing?

The Felix Mater Society was created back in 2015 by Gian Keller. Since then the Society was involved in over 30 film projects all over the world from small scale thesis films in Morocco to big feature film productions in Hollywood. 

I consult, promote and invest in filmmaker and their projects. I do all that beside of my day job with limited time and limited resources. With every project I learn more and I share my learnings in new projects. I strongley believe in win win situations. Using my growing network helps connected filmmakers in the network to reduce their costs on their projects. 

How do we support filmmakers?

The most requested support comes in three areas: 

  • Consulting
    I accompany film creators and coach them through the process of pre-production. All I can offer is my permanent growing learnings from all the other projects I was involved in. The whole game is in constant change and new technologies and opportunities come up and fade away. My goal on this activity is to help film creators to plan and execute their own projects. Reflecting on the strategy with a second opinion may help to avoid mistakes and can save costs on the projects.
  • Promoting
    Through my Social Media Channels and through my network I can help to promote film projects. This can be for an actual funding campaign or as well for an existing film. Promoting can be as well networking and find new collaborations which opens again new opportunities. Promoting can be requested, can be part of an outcome of an agreed strategy from consulting or can as well happen based on my own preferences.
  • Investing
    It is possible that I’m asked to be involved as an investor. I like to be involved as an investor when I’m convinced in a project. Helping a young filmmaker to start a career can be a reason to invest. Or I see that my investment has really an impact on the project. As I use my own private earnings for investments I have to be very selective what projects I directly support with own resources.


How does it work?

All starts usualy with a mail or contact via Social Media Channels. 


Robyn Elizabeth Steyn
Actress, Director & Writer from UK
Robyn contacted me in late 2016 for helping with her film project Lane. Robyn did an amazing job pushing the project through. However it was not an easy one. Robyn put all her energy into the project and created a great final product even though that there had been massive issues on the way.
Thanks again Robyn for the collaboartion. 

Watch: Lane (2018)

How you can support Felix Mater Society


You can support Felix Mater Society by subscribing to Patreon. This helps me to continue the initiative and you can benefit from it in different ways. Click the button to learn more.



You can donate to the Felix Mater Society and share your love for what we do. We use all proceeds to keep Felix Mater Society running.


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