Alfie, the Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe

Documentary project, 50 Min, UK (2022)

18-year-old Alfie found it hard to hold down a job, so he now runs his own business with a tandem bike and trailer, and has become a bit of a hometown hero.

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Production notes

Originally planned as a short film for BBC3, filmmaker Aaron Duneleavy made a documentary about Alfie, The Odd Job Boy from Clitheroe.

“I’m definitely going to carry on filming Alfie’s journey as he continues to find his feet in the world with all of his quirks and challenges, so watch this space for more to come.”

~ Aaron Dunleavy

Website of Aaron Dunleavy

Support Alfie Cookson

The story of Alfie was widley covered by the press. 

Visit Alfie on his website and purchase his merch.
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