The Grim Truth

Shortfilm, 14 Minutes, UK (2020)

With killing season drawing to a close, a documentary crew tails the Grim Reaper and his cold-blooded colleagues. As a collector of souls, Grim is skilled and highly-dedicated, but the crew soon realise he is just as awkward and confused as the rest of us.

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Director: Sam Comrie
Writers: Jakob Lewis Barnes, Sam Comrie, Eileen Wilson

Beth Walker (Camilla)
Camilla (Maria)
Jonathan Whittington (Grim)
Oscar Barnes (Stoner)
Harry Pearson (Jasper)
Sam Torr (Barkley)
Karen Benedict-Flavell (Mrs. Reaper)
Ian J. France (Ian J. France)
Adan Osborne (Edgar)

Cinematography: Daniel Hempshall
Editor: Lewis Coates
Colourist: Shaun Stone-Riley
Makeup Artist: Amanda Louise Ellis
1st Assistant Director: Ck Goldiing
Sound Recordist: Marcus Anuzis
Visual Effects Artist: Oliver Reeve
1st Assistant Camera: Mandy James
2nd Assistant Camera: Henry Clark
Location Manager: Marco Foletti
Production Assistant: Daisy Barnes, Chloe McGarry, Tom Sheffield

Producer: Jakob Lewis Barnes
Line Producer: Lewis Coates
Assistant Producer: Nick Deal
Executive Producer: Felix Mater Society
Production Company: Jumpcut Studios

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