I Love You, Guys

Shortfilm, ? Minutes, UK (2023)

A young singer on the verge of super-stardom, and the brink of a breakdown, must shake her demons before they derail her dreams and ruin the finale of her sellout tour.

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Director: Billie Melissa Rogan
Writer: Cory Varney

Becky Bush (Sky)
Celi Crossland (Taylor)
Pedro Leandro (Ryan)

Cinematography: Jenni Suitiala
Production Design: Chenlei Pan, Manuela Heloisa Scaramela Pereira
Makeup: Sidra Khan, Isabella Percival
1st Assistant Director: Lewis Coates
Assistant Director: Daisy Victoria Edwards
Sound Recordist: Marcus Anuzis, Cael McNally, Alexis Psillas, Hugh Taylor
1st Assistant Camera: Bernadette Baker, Eli Hart
Gaffer: Jordan Carroll
2nd Assistant Camera: Darshan Gajjar
Costume Supervisor: Angeliki Matsi
Production Assistant: Jonathan Lannen, Keshia Saunders, Kieran S. Weller

Producer: Jakob Lewis Barnes, Lewis Coates, Daisy Victoria Edwards
Associate Producers: Richard Gomes, Amanda Ramirez, Ravenna Tran
Executive Producers: Rachel Varney, Paul Varney, Felix Mater Society
Production Companies: Jumpcut Studios, Static Flow Productions

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