Water Under the Bed

Water Under the Bed

Thesis Short Film, UK, 2015 (7.40 min)

Ezra, 8 years old seems to live in a different world. Every night, after his mother has put him to sleep, he crawls under his bed to find his twin Flynn, who has passed away. The film explores the themes of childhood imagination and guilt. Is Ezra guilty of Flynn's death or is it just his imagination playing a trick on him?

Directed & written by Virginie Behar
Copyright: Royal Holloway University, London

Ezra & Flynn - Harry Connor
The Mother - Victoria Durrant

Crew: Jack Howard, Lewis Ball, Elena Osokina, Paola Ghislieri

Sound Recordist: Jake Taylor, Jakob Op Den Brouw

Edited by Virginie Behar
Sound Design by Jakob Op Den Brouw
Visual Effects by Jakob Op Den Brouw

Executive Producers: Frederic & Dagmar Behar, Jean-Claude Behar, Nathalie Pisani, Felix Mater Society

Special Thanks to: Harry Freeman, Jemma de Jonge, Emma Adams, Max Kelly, Alexia Behar, Giorgia Karios, Benoit Clemencin

Status: Completed. Protected by Filmmaker.
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