Eisenherz - 2015


Shortfilm, Austria, 2015 (19,47 min)

JACOB, a nine-year-old shy dreamer, falls instantly in love when MAI-LIN (11) and her father move into the apartment across the yard. Although his best friend advises him against it, he tries to get in touch with her. After a failed attempt and romantic insight from his mother, he wins her attention with a letter. While Jacob longs for Mai-Lin's answer, he realizes that his parents' relationship is no longer what it once was...

Jacob - Philipp Lichtenberg
Jacob's Mother - Eszter Hollósi
Jacob's Father - Erol Nowak
Mai-Lin - Li Lynn Tang
Mai Lin's Father - Jiang Hang Tang
Michael - Emanuel Laude

Writer & Producer: Domenik Pockberger
Director & Producer: Franz Maria Quitt
Director of Photography: Roman Chalupnik
Set Designer: Maria Kuzik
Executive Producer: Felix Mater Society

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Status: Completed. Published.