Timeout - 2018
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Timeout - You Can Trust a Stranger

Shortfilm, Germany, 17 Minutes

Leila is a British singer from Liverpool. She has a couple of gigs lined up in Frankfurt/Germany. Once she arrives the European metropolitan city late in the evening, Leila meets Samir, a Frankfurt cab driver, who drives her to the hotel she was booked in. The ride at this night and the events to follow will have a significant impact on their lives.

Directors: Ibrahim Jacobi & Julien Prevost
Writers: Ibrahim Jacobi & Julien Prevost

Crew: Mo Ahmadi, Susanne Albus, Alexander Bussmann, Farouk El-Khalili, Thomas Heller, Marlon Keith, Eric Lenke, Annick Moerman, Sanni Mohammed, Kathryn Pickering, Samira-Saaed

Film Website

Role: Executive Producer, in collaboration with Ibrahim Jacobi

Status: Private

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