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Mould (2015)

Shortfilm, UK, 12 Minutes

Mould is a short sci-fi drama that focuses on the journey of Len, an elderly man suffering with dementia, a mental illness that causes memory loss and cognitive impairment amongst its sufferers. Len is left distraught by his illness, and travels to a distant city in the hope of resolving his problems. Like a lot of men, Len finds it difficult to open up about his issues, especially to his loving wife Anne, who he has been devoted to since they met over 40 years ago. Although Len’s illness has rendered him vulnerable; his concern is for his wife, who he believes will be heartbroken by such news. Len orders a clone of himself in order to keep his marriage healthy and trouble-free. He believes that as long as his wife is happy, he can fade away without question. He is given an opportunity to meet his clone in a safe environment, where both reflect on their past and eventual future. It is during this moment that Len learns more about himself and his relationship.

Writer & Director: Josh Ormerod


Status: Public

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