Eisenherz - 2016
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Eisenherz (2016)

Shortfilm, Austria, 

Jacob, a nineyearold shy dreamer, falls instantly in love when Mailin (11) and her father move into the apartment across the yard. Although his best friend advises him against it, he tries to get in touch with her. After a failed attempt and romantic insight from his mother, he wins her attention with a letter. While Jacob longs for MaiLin’s ans wer, he realizes that his parents’ relationship is no longer what it once was…

Director: Franz Maria Quitt
Writer: Domenik Pockberger
Cast: Emanuel Eskorsio, Eszter Hollósi, Philipp Lichtenberg


Role: Executive Producer, collaboration with Franz Maria Quitt and Domenik Pockberger

Status: Public

Eisenherz Poster
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