What we do

The Felix Mater Society is an initiative of creative people for creative people. How to describe what we do? Most appropriately and the simplest: We want to make something possible. Our initiative wants to support art. We want to 'give birth' to art, namely those that would otherwise never see the light of day. This can be done through a financial support like donations, or by initiating, networking, providing contacts to relevant persons or institutions. Art is anything that the artist or the viewer declares art.

The Felix Mater Society gets involved when art risks something, when it shows new ways, when it leads off the beaten tracks, when it breaks through mental blocks, when it provokes new thinking.

Art can be offered to us, can be introduced or recommended to us; but art can also be discovered by us. Worldwide. The Felix Mater Society is not a company. We simply want to make something possible.

We are quite sure this picture shows Felix Mater. It was taken back in the year 2013.
We are quite sure this picture shows Felix Mater. It was taken back in the year 2013.

Who is Felix Mater?

Felix Mater is an art lover and butterfly collector, whose former career as a Rugby player never really took off. He now focuses on nature, which gives his life meaning, and the arts, which oftentimes puts this very meaning in question. It is precisely this inner conflict that drives him. He spends his time between the seven seas of this earth, be it to search the Amazon for unknown species or to fight seamen inside Rotterdam's harbor pubs – a sort of nostalgic return to his days as a unsuccessful Rugby player. Felix Mater loves apricot dumplings, sans crumbs, yet tossed in butter.

Okay. That is Fake News. Felix Mater is not a person. It's just a nice name for our project. The above text was created by one of our filming partners. They need a bio. So we told them to write one.

Felix Mater Society was initiated by Gian Keller in 2015 and was then created with help of some amazing friends.