Faith - 2015


Shortfilm, UK, 2016 (11 min)

Faith's journey to self-destruction is interrupted several times. Firstly by her well-meaning parents, then the instigator of her depressive state (her unfaithful husband) and finally her neighbour. It soon becomes apparent that as well as these physical hiatuses there are unseen, perhaps divine forces working hard to prevent Faith from killing herself. The film takes a sensitive yet frank look at the subject of mental well-being and suicide. It stands as a modest glimmer of hope in the darkness of depression and while the movie doesn't necessarily condone an act of suicide, it examines circumstances that might force any of us to consider the ultimate act of self-control.

Writer: Nick John Whittle
Director: Grant Murphy

Faith - Natalie Bailey-Trist
Michael - Daniel Kewn
Phil the Postie - Grant Murphy

Producer: Martin W. Payne
Executive Producer: Felix Mater Society
Associate Producers: Grant Murphy, Joseph Ullman, Nick John Whittle
Music: Joseph Ullman
Cinematography: Jack Eaton
Location Manager: Robin Brown

Status: Completed.