Bus Stop

Shortfilm, UK, 2018

Very late one evening middle-aged, middle-class Rachel finds herself in a dark back street, waiting at a bus stop. The day's circumstances have brought her to this place but it's unfamiliar territory and she feels nervous and vulnerable.
As Rachel sits at the bus stop she is joined by Liam, a 20-something local. Liam is wired and angry and spoiling for a fight. As they wait for the bus the tension builds and Liam becomes increasingly confrontational. He goads Rachel into an uncomfortable conversation she feels unable to avoid. But what begins as a hostile provocation develops into something painful but profound, for both Liam and Rachel.
The film explores the emotional journey two strangers take when they are forced to engage with each other.
Bus Stop invites us into a conversation between two people with seemingly nothing in common, who ultimately find in each other the chance to be heard.

Writer & Director Vanessa Bailey

Liam - Sam Frenchum
Rachel - Vanessa Bailey

Executive Producer: Suzanne Boudier
Producer: Ash Gardiner, Vanessa Bailey
Director of Photography: James Layton
Editor: Christopher Frith
Composer: William Goodchild

Status: Funded, Filming

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