Bahama Sunrise - 2017

Bahama Sunrise

Feature Film, Switzerland, 2017

The two friends Solange and Marina live a lifestyle that can not be more different. Solange, an introvert psychology student clings to one unhealthy relationship. Marina, an extroverted bartender, is looking for happiness in fast one-night stands. Unfulfilled in their daily lives, a spiral of emotional self-destruction develops, from which the two can almost no longer escape...

Writer & Director: Kim Culetto
Story by Kim Culetto & Micha Gasser

Solange - Andrea Gomringer
Marina - Stella Rose
Noah - Luca Vincenzi
Tamara - Chloe Groltz
Julian - Linus Haegler
Blondine - Marina Thuering
Finn - Lucca Jaeger
Dealer - Hanna Walter
One Night Stand - Matthias Culetto
Taxidriver - Metin Polatli
Bar Visitor - Kevin Sohn
Band - Ladina Moegling, Annatina Moegling, Nicolas Buettiker, Christian Buettiker, Florian Mattmueller

First Assistant Director: Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris
Second Assistant Director: Daniel Best

Co-Financed by: Felix Mater Society, GGG Kulturkick, Abt Kultur Basel-Stadt, Neusicht, Echopark Pictures

Editor: Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris
Sound Design and Boom Operator: Oscar Van Hoogevest
Camera Operator A: Nico Schmid
Camera Operator B: Marcel Sokoll
Camera Operator C: Kim Culetto
Drone Shots: Lionel Wirz, Martin Schuhmacher, Marcel Sokoll
Color Grading: Kim Culetto
Consultants: Klemens Niklaus Trenkle, Markus Gander, Ilja Baumeier, Tim Luedin, Joel Carter, Thomson Johnson
Locations provided: B-Movie, Balzbar, Hinz und Kunz, Ladybar, Nordstern, Oettlinger Buvette, Patschifig, Library University Basel, Unternehmen Mitte, Taxiphon Basel
Locations provided by: Sandro Mazzoni, Matthias Seitz, Kunz, Paul Burkhart, Cedric, Malik Abdi, Pola Rapatt
Subtitles: Matthew Black, Tabea Fersztand

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Status: Completed.