Trailer 1940


1940 - A Short Film

Shortfilm, UK, 2018

It's November 16th, 1940 - at the heart of The Blitz. A family from Outer-London are packed into their Anderson Shelter like sardines, their father out on duty as an air-raid warden. With little to do and the air ice-cold, they wait silently for something to happen...
Their night is flipped upside-down when a German Bomber Plane crash-lands nearby, leaving their shelter shaken, but still standing. Silence ensues, until there is a knock at the door - a man claiming to be the air-raid warden. They notice something strange about his voice... He's German.
The events that follow will impact the lives of everyone in the shelter, forever.
Exploring human nature, the duality of War, and the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; this hard-hitting film will provide an honest and thought-provoking insight into the life of a family during The Blitz, when faced with an unexpected situation.

Writer & Director: Joe Morley

Catherine - Siobhan Bermingham
Grandfather - Colin Braysher
Mother - Sian Francis
Tom - Ben Everett Riley
Rudolf Metzger - Jared Rogers

Executive Producer: Zach Hamelton
Producer: Joe Morley
Consulting Producer: Michael Richardson-Moore

Status: Funded, Filming

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