The Pigman (2015)

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The Pigman (2015)

Shortfilm UK, 17 Minutes

An outcast creature pines to be accepted by his local village. One night, outside his mountainous home, an opportunity arises.

Written & Directed by Rik Gordon

Festivals & Awards

  • Clair-Obscur, Basel, Switzerland, Nov 2015
  • Dingle International Film Festival, Dingle, Ireland, March 2016
  • Limerick Film Festival, Limerick, Ireland, April 2016
  • BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary, September 2016
  • FERFILM Festival, Ferizaj, Kosovo, September 2016
  • Underground Cinema Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, September 2016
  • Portobello Film Festival, London, UK, September 2016
  • Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Turkey, December 2016
  • Sahar International Short Film Festival, Manchester, UK, July 2017
  • Sleeping Giant Film Festival, Warrenpoint, N. Ireland, July 2017
  • RTE Shortscreen, RTE2, Ireland, September 2018
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