Find below a selection of great shortfilms.

Marian (Philippines 2017)

Shortfilm (15 Minutes)
Writer: Brian Patrick Lim, Levi San Luis
Director: Brian Patrick Lim

There's a haunting in the house. However, things are not what they seem. Marian soon finds out that the haunting in the household is more familiar than she thinks.

MeTube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana (Austria 2016)

Shortfilm (5 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Daniel Moshel

After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

Double-Blind No.1 (Australia 2016)

Shortfilm (2 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Ian B. Anderson, Zenon Kohler, Ricky Marks, Jasper St Aubyn West, Raoul Teague

Five VFX artists set out to test the theory that a fine-art technique relying on chance could be applied to an motion piece.

Wrapped (Germany 2015)

Shortfilm (5 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper

"Wrapped" delves into the clash between civilization and nature.

Throw Me to the Dogs (UK 2015)

Shortfilm (13 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Aaron Dunleavy, Joseph Ollman

A troubled teenage boy, growing up in a dreamless wilderness and isolated from those around him, is stripped of his dignity as his father abandons him for the outside world which he is trying to retreat from.

Trusha (Russia 2015)

Shortfilm (22 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Eduard Zholnin

The story of a young lad and his struggle for survival while living in an orphanage being bullied constantly by some of the older boys.

Grace (UK 2015)

Shortfilm (4 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Tomas Mankovsky

Inspired by true events, the film tells the story of two teens exploring young love. But not everything is what it seems…

I distesi (Italy 2015)

Shortfilm (12 Minutes)
Writer:  Damiano Femfert
Director: Tommaso Landucci

NAKED (France 2014)

Shortfilm (4 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Laurent Pratlong

A tale about nudity and censorship

MeTube: August Sings Carmen 'Habanera' (Austria 2013)

Shortfilm (4 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Daniel Moshel

"MeTube", a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet's Habanera from "Carmen" has been reinterpreted for "MeTube" and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.

Ánima (Spain 2012)

Shortfilm (14 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Josué Ramos

Susan is a young mother who works as a seamstress and lives happily with her two children. But a terrible incident will test the love for their sons.

The Boy in the Water (UK 2011)

Shortfilm (3 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Sophie Boyce

A lonely young girl, Pandora, turns on the bath taps to drown out the noise of her parents arguing. But when she looks into down into the bath tub, a world of make believe is unveiled.

Cutia (Moldova 2011)

Shortfilm (4 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Eugen Damaschin, Serge Zanoaga

Círculo Uno (Spain 2010)

Shortfilm (19 Minutes)
Writer & Director: Cesar Pesquera Muro